Fantana Absinthe Cu 2 Capete

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Serve absinthe the traditional way with the Glass Absinthe Fountain from bar@drinkstuff. Ideal for enjoying as an aperitif or digestif with friends, this dispenser lets you prepare your drink using the classic French method of louching the glass.

Styled like the traditional absinthe fountains used in 19th century Parisian cafés, this vintage style glass fountain offers a decorative design, ideal for use as a display piece. The green fairy is best prepared carefully and slowly to appreciate its full potential and this specially designed absinthe fountain allows you to do just that.

Simply fill the fountain with iced water, place your glass of absinthe below the spigot, with a sugar cube placed over a slotted spoon and adjust the tap to your desired flow. The cold water will then gradually dissolve the sugar and mix with the absinthe in a process called louching.

The Glass Absinthe Fountain makes an ideal gift for those who like to enjoy drinks served the traditional way, as well as creating a unique talking point for dinner parties and functions.

Product Features:

• Absinthe fountain

• Material: SiO2 glass

• Two taps dispense a perfect flow of water

• Gift boxed

• Hand wash only

• Traditional design

• Ideal for use with absinthe spoon and glasses

• Allows you to enjoy absinthe at its full potential

• Ideal for serving as an aperitif

• Could also be used as a decorative display

Brand: bar@drinkstuff

Barcode 5055736937262

Packaging Dimensions: 458 x 175 x 175mm, 1.71kg


  • Height: 450mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Diameter: 120mm
  • Weight: 1.27kg
  • Volume: 1.2litres
Fantana Absinthe Cu 2 Capete
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Fantana Absinthe Cu 2 Capete
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