Casino Mocca - Etiopia - Kedir Balie - 200g

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Casino Mocca - Etiopia - Kedir Balie - 200g

DATA PRAJIRII: 25.09.2019


Greutate: 200g

Ambalat in cutie KRAFT cu ZIP + VALVA.

Note: blueberry - strawberry - dark chocolate

This coffee comes from the Adado area in the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia, from the 3,5 hectares large farm of Kedir Balie. Mr. Balie takes part in a role model project encouraging other farmers to follow his footsteps in producing high quality coffee. He advises fellow farmers on how to harvest and dry coffee for the specialty market. 

Our coffees taste the best when extracted with water of the proper hardness* range. In order to highlight the best flavour of our roasts we recommend having 5 to 10 days of resting period after roasting, but consume within two weeks of opening. Enjoy! 

* Total hardness: 50-175 ppm CaCO3 (2.9-9.8 *d), alkalinity/buffer: 40-75 ppm CaCO3 (2.2-4.2 *d), pH: 6.5-8.0. (The SCA Water Chart) 

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