Casino Mocca - Ethiopia - Biftu Gudina - 200g

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Cafea de specialitate - Casino Mocca - Ethiopia - Biftu Gudina - 200g

DATA PRAJIRII: 04.09.2019


Greutate: 200g

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Note: apricot ∙ orange zest ∙ black tea

Derived from Amharic language, Biftu Gudina means “ray of development”. The Biftu Gudina cooperative was established in 2012 and is located in the Agaro - Goma District within the Jimma Zone. The high altitude, the rich fertile soil and the lush surroundings, as well as the meticulous work of the co-op members, makes this coffee truly special.

Ethiopia is the home of extraordinary cof- fees. Ethiopian coffee is instantly recog- nizable even in blind cuppings due to their dis- tinctive flavour made up of several hundreds of indigenous arabica varietals grown wild in the various micro-climates of the country. 95% of Ethiopia’s 300 000 tonnes of coffee export is supplied by more than a million small, independ- ent farmers. The rest is grown by an increasing number of private and state-owned plantations.

About 150 co-op members contribute their cher- ries to Biftu Gudina during the harvest period. Located near Jimma town, the co-op benefits from high altitude and rich fertile soils. The sur- rounding area is green and lush, making it perfect for coffee cultivation. The coffee at Biftu Gudina is processed using the washed method. At the washing station, cherries are sorted by hand for unripe and over-ripe fruit prior to entering the hopper that feeds the Penagos eco-pulper. After the wet-fermentation the beans are soaked in

clean water in concrete tanks for 8 hours. Waste water treatment relies on a natural form of filtra- tion through a vetiver grass plot before it goes into the pits and finally the ground. The beans are then sun dried for 10 to 14 days on raised African dry- ing beds and carefully hand sorted again. Biftu Gudina has a strong leadership and chairman who together with Technoserve (an NGO that supports farmers in setting up washing stations and new cooperative structures) established the cooperative. Since Biftu Gudina was established it has become famous in specialty coffee circles thanks to its incredibly complex and luscious fla- vours and consequently it now commands prices that farmers could only have dreamt of in the past - as much as four times more. One of the most eagerly anticipated arrivals of the season, the Biftu Gudina is always a hit among the specialty coffee lovers and this year it is as delicious as ever. In the cup, expect intense floral aromas, notes of apricot, lime and hops and a complex honey sweetness.

* Total hardness: 50-175 ppm CaCO3 (2.9-9.8 *d), alkalinity/buffer: 40-75 ppm CaCO3 (2.2-4.2 *d), pH: 6.5-8.0. (The SCA Water Chart) 

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