Casino Mocca - Honduras - San Francisco - 200g

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Cafea de specialitate - Casino Mocca - Honduras  - San Francisco - 200g

DATA PRAJIRII: 04.09.2019


Greutate: 200g

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Note: rum plums • blueberry • cocoa 

You can find a San Francisco in Honduras as it is one of the farms of Marysabel Caballero's father, Don Fabiano. This natural-processed micro-lot boasting a ripe strawberry-like fruitiness is a result of the work of Marysabel and Moises helping Fabiano in improving his production 4 and preparation. 

Honduras isthe seventh largest coffee pro-ducer of the world. Coffee is extremely important to the Honduran economy, representing around 10% of the GDP, and benefiting approximately 120,000 families. Honduran farmers have been working very hard to improve the quality of their coffee. This strategy allows them to obtain higher market prices and even access specialty coffee markets and auctions; reducing the volatile effects of commodity coffee world prices. Six microregions are responsible for the country's coffee production, one of them being the birth region of this microlot, Marcala, home of full bodied, sweet coffees. 

Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera are working with over 200 hectares of land, planted with coffee. They are 2nd and 3rd generation coffee farmers and have been rewarded many times for their commitment to developing coffee quality in Honduras. Marysabel's father Don Fabiano inherited large areas of land in and 

around Marcala from his father, who was one of the pioneers of coffee cultivation in Honduras. After many years of poor profits, he decided to hand out land to his children, and especially to his daughter Marysabel and her husband Moises Herrera. Moises brought his own farms into the family busi-ness and together they now have 17 different farms and are successful in producing quality coffees and have contributed to the improving reputation of Honduran quality coffees. Everything they do at the farms is documented, they invest considerable time and resources both in new equipment and planting of new coffee varieties in order to improve the quality. The Caballeros are extremely committed to environmental sustainability. A lot of their energy and focus goes towards improving the soil of their farms to ensure a healthy growing environment for their coffee shrubs. Oranges, avocados, flowers, bananas and other fruits are also grown at the farms, but mainly for the pickers to eat and to create biodiversity that ensure good growing conditions and shade for the coffee trees. 

Our coffees taste the best when extracted with water of the proper hardness' range. In order to highlight the best flavour of our roasts we recommend having 5 to 10 days of resting period after roasting, but consume within two weeks of opening. Enjoy! 

* Total hardness: 50-175 ppm CaCO3 (2.9-9.8 *d), alkalinity/buffer: 40-75 ppm CaCO3 (2.2-4.2 *d), pH: 6.5-8.0. (The SCA Water Chart) 

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