Baratza Vario - W

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Baratza Vario - W

Greutate: 4.1 kg

Burrs: Ø 54 mm, ceramica, flat

Grind setting: 10 macro x 23 micro = 230 steps

Speed to grind: 1.6 – 2.2 g/s

Hopper capacity: 230g

Grounds bin capacity: 170 g

Speed: 1350 RPM

Garantie: 12 luni


Disponibilitate: la comanda in 5-7 zile lucratoare.


Baratza Vario - W

Vario-W is a model based on Baratza Vario. It has been improved with new built-in scales that allow you to pre-weigh the desired amount of ground coffee.

Just set the desired quantity and the grinder will do everything for you. In case of alternative methods, where the proportion of ground coffee to water is crucial, the scales make the process much simpler and faster.

Burrs Flat ceramic burrs are made by Mahlkonig. Their advantage is greater durability compared to steel burrs, which extends their life even to double it. The maintenance of the grinder is extremely easy, as it takes just a few seconds to remove the burrs.

Design Its body is similar to Vario, except that Vario-W has slightly smaller ground coffee bin and has no flask holder.

The housing is made of polished metal and plastic which take no fingerprints. It is a type of the on-demand grinder, so grinding takes place on demand - coffee is ground immediately before brewing, directly into the bin. Grinding is adjusted by means of a control panel on the front of the device. It has 3 programmable buttons and a manual grinding switch.

The weight of ground coffee with the accuracy up to 0.1 g is shown on the display.

Grinding adjustment The control panel is also used for grinding adjustment. Vario-W offers 10 macro levels and up to 23 micro positions, which means the total of 230 combinations. This is, then, a great solution for espresso lovers who seek highly accurate settings. Vario-W is also ideal for French Press and alternatives methods such as Chemex, Aeropress, dripper or a siphon. The grinder is able to grind up to 2.2 grams of beans in just a second.

Baratza Vario - W
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Baratza Vario - W
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