Espressor Bezzera C2013 COMPACT

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Espressor Bezzera C2013 COMPACT

Disponibil doar in varianta DE si PM ( automat si semi-automat ) - link

Acest model este disponibil doar cu 2 grupuri.

Combines the practicality of a compact machine with the production capacity of a machine with 2 traditional groups. The thermal stability and productivity are guaranteed by a heating system that keeps a constant coffee temperature in case of maximum use. Special grids placed under the groups allow to use cups of height up to 13cm as well as the traditional espresso cups.

Thermostated groups: equipped with 50W resistance to maintain a constant temperature even under conditions of maximum use.
8 liters copper boiler: ensures optimum productivity of steam and hot water through a resistance of 2800W.

C2013 PM
It works with a motor-pump and the groups have solenoid valves. The group is controlled by a push button. The group delivers coffee; once the desired quantity is reached, by pressing the push-button again, the group stops.
C2013 DE
It works with a motor-pump and the groups have electronically regulated solenoid valves. With the electronic dosage you can obtain 4 different doses of coffee with constant quantity and temperature, settable doses and prebrewing.
DE auto-foamer wand version
The practical AUTO-FOAMER steam wand allows to obtain the perfect milk foam at the right temperature by simply pressing a button. You just need to programme the temperature and the desired froth once.

  • Body in stainless steel AISI 304 (14301)
  • Electric heating
  • Automatic boiler water supply
  • Automatic stopping of heating element in case of lack of water in the boiler
  • In-built pump
  • Equipped with water softener

Technical data C2013 Compact DE/PM



 Power supply

 V~/Hz   110 - 120 / 50-60   220 - 415 / 50-60 


W 1800 2500


lt 8


mm 600


mm 495


mm 535

 Net weight

kg 63

 Gross weight

kg 72

 Load connection

  G 3/8"

 Drain connection 

  G 3/4"
Espressor Bezzera C2013 COMPACT
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Espressor Bezzera C2013 COMPACT
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