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Arcaffe Roma 250g - cafea boabe

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Arcaffe Roma 250g - cafea boabe

Cantitate: 250g

Tip: cafea boabe

Prajire: pentru espresso

Roma is a high-quality sweet blend of Arabica coffees produced unchangeably (except for war) since 1926. Coffee brewed with these beans will have a soft and pleasant crema with the aroma of cocoa and caramel. It is characterized by a rich, velvety body and a delicate hint of tobacco.

It was named in honour of the famous café in Livorno for which it was created. It is a perfect combination of 6 different Arabica coffees, which creates its unique personality.

It consists of the following beans: 

- Guatemala, Finca El Hato Blue

- Ethiopia, Sidamo special selection

- El Salvador, Finca San Luis

- Brazil - washed, Fazenda Lagoa do Morro

- India, Vellakadai estate

- Brazil - natural, Fazenda Samambaia.


Those coffees are certified by the "CSC ® - Certified Speciality Coffee Association of Italy" - All packages are labelled with a number and hologram proving their high-quality and preventing counterfeiting.


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