Cafea verde BS - KENYA Imara AB - 250 gr

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Cafea verde BS - KENYA Imara AB

Cantitate: 250gr

Disponibilitate: in stoc

Arrival cup score: 84+

Crop: 2019

Quality: AB+

Farm/Washing station: Various Estates & Cooperatives

Variety: Mostly SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11

Tasting notes: caster sugar, dried mango, lime, milk chocolate 

Altitude: 1,300 to 1,900 metres above sea level

Region: Western & Central Kenya

Imara AB – Kenya

This AA Imara blend hails from various washing stations throughout Western and Central Kenya. The coffees are specially selected, milled and prepared for export at Kahawa Bora mill in Thika, Kenya. Our Imara blend is a quintessential Kenyan coffee: balanced, yet with all the complexity and body you expect from a fine Kenyan.

About Imara

Imara means balanced and reliable in Swahili, which perfectly describes this great value coffee. Our Imara blend is composed primarily of SL28, SL32 and Ruiru 11 from small estates and cooperatives throughout Western and Central Kenya. These farms lie in the highlands at 1,300 to 1,900 metres above sea level and benefit from Kenya’s renowned coffee climate and growing conditions.

All coffees contributed to Imara are fully washed, following  Kenya’s very high standards with regards to postharvest practices. Coffees are selectively hand-harvested and then sorted to remove any underripe, overripe or damaged coffees. They are then pulped and fermented for 12-24 hours on average, depending on the local climate.  They are then fully washed, and graded by density before being delivered to dry on raised African beds. Some lots contributing to this blend have been soaked in cold, fresh water before drying, as well.

Coffees are usually rested in conditioning bins after drying to stabilise humidity. They will then be delivered to Kahawa Bora Mill in Thika for dry milling, grading and preparation for export.

About Kahawa Bora

Kahawa Bora dry mill works directly with our Kenyan sister company, Kenyacof. In English, Kahawa Bora means ‘Excellent Coffee’. We have to agree.

Strategically located in Thika, Central Kenya, Kahwa Bora was set up to finance, support and mill a wide range of coffee qualities, from Fair Average Qualities (FAQs) to top specialty lots from all over the country. Kahawa Bora works with a variety of producers, but their focus is on the small estate sector in Kenya. Their aim is to become a key service provider and micro mill for small, individual coffee growers.

The mill is relatively small, but is perfectly sized for microlots/specialty coffee and small estate farmers.  It perfectly reflects the way that Kenyacof works with producer groups and estates. The approach is to identify quality coffee, to make sure that farmers are rewarded for their production, and to ensure full transparency and traceability for producers and buyers alike.

Screen sizing in Kenya

AA, AB and other grades used to classify lots in Kenya are an indication of screen size only. They are not a reliable indication of cup quality. The AA grade in Kenya is equivalent to screen size 17 or 18 (17/64 or 18/64 of an inch) used at other origins. AB grades are slightly smaller. AA grades often command higher prices at auction, though grade is only one component of overall quality. An AB lot from a different or even the same farm may cup as well or better than an AA. PB (denoting Peaberry) is the smallest screen size.

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