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Cafea AVX - India Monsooned Malabar 250g

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Cafea AVX - India Monsooned Malabar AA 250g

DATA PRAJIRII: 03.02.2021

Prajitor: AVX

Greutate: 250gr

Ambalat in punga plastic cu ZIP + VALVA.

Tip: 100% Arabica

Tara: India

Regiune: Dél-India - Karnataka

Altitutdine: 1100-1200m 

Tip: Kents, S.795, Catimor, Selection 9

Prajire: Inchis ( French ) 

Note: Nuci, cacao și ciocolată


India Monsooned Malabar

In the early days of sailing, it took clippers about six months by wooden vessels to reach Europe. Due to the variation in climate, the coffee changed its original bean style, colour, size and flavour. Nowadays, Indian producers take advantage of the Monsoon to produce a speciality coffee with just the same characteristics as in the old days - without the delays.

Our Monsooned coffees are exclusively prepared and imported from India.

The traditional process of Monsooning is carried out in Malabar coast i.e., west coast of India especially in Mangalore. The Malabar region is renowned for its excellent natural resources.

The humid Monsooned atmosphere brings about the quantitative and qualitative changes in the coffee beans, which create the unique mellow cup.

The Monsooning process is carried out from June to September when the Southwest Monsoon is at its most intense. During the process, the beans pick up moisture and gain their particular taste and characteristics and odour.

The just ripened fruits are harvested in the field and then sorted and dried well until the bean produces a rattling sound. The dried coffee beans are sent to the curing works to be prepared as Monsooned coffee. The curing works on the West coast play a key role in the preparation of the Monsooned coffee. Once the coffee beans arrive there, they are processed, graded and garbled selecting only “A&AA” grade beans and laid out on well ventilated cement floors of godowns in layers of 10 to 15 cm thickness during cold humid weather. This climate enables the beans to absorb moisture and swells.

The coffee beans initially containing around 11-12 percent of moisture absorb humidity from the atmosphere and increases up to 16- 20 percent during the process. The colour of the bean turns pale yellow.

The coffee beans are loosely filled in gunny bags and stacked with sufficient space between rows for the Monsoon air to circulate freely around the bags for further uniformity in absorption of moisture. The coffee are raked and again re-bagged at regular intervals of 6-8 days to prevent mould growth and also to ensure a uniform Mosooning process.

Thus, the preparation of Monsooned coffee completes in about 8-10 weeks. The prepared coffee is polished and graded by machines, then passed through colour sorters and also manually garbled to remove defects/ blacks/ cuts etc. These coffees are bulked, fumigated and shipped.

The main grades of Monsooned Arabica are Monsooned Malabar AA & Monsooned Arabica Basanally.

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