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Johan & Nyström - Ethiopia Welena - 250g

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Johan & Nyström - Ethiopia Welena - 250g

DATA PRAJIRII: 27.01.2021 - prajit de Benjamin Berg


Greutate: 250g

Speciality coffee beans from Ethiopia , roasted in Sweden by  Johan & Nyström . Light roast , perfect for filter coffee machines, drippers, Chemex, AeroPress, and other pour-over brewing methods. Complex, with clean hints of flowers and nectarines, delicate citrus acidity and the sweetness of candy and berries.

Country of origin: Ethiopia

Region: Oromia, Guji, Shakiso

Farmer: Tesfaye Bekele

Farms: Suke Quto and Welena

Growing altitude: 1800 -1930 m above sea level.

Variety: 100% Arabica, local variety

Process: Washed Coffee


The fruit flesh is removed mechanically and it ferments in water for 35 - 48 hours, depending on the temperature. It is then rinsed and left in water which, to a great extent, flushes sugar out and features pleasant fruity acidity.


Welena plantations and Suke Quto are located in the Oromia region, in the area known as Shakiso. Coffee from this area is much more fruity than that from the neighbouring Yirgacheffe and Sidamo. This is due to the cultivation of fertile volcanic soil and the processing method including long fermentation. The farm covers nearly 90 hectares, full of mountains and valleys. What is important, the farming is completely organic - no pesticides are used, soil is additionally fertilized with waste from the coffee plant shrubs, and the coffee farming is combined with farming of other fruit.


The founder of the plantation and processing station is Tesfaye Bekele, an expert on agronomy, economics and, of course, coffee. His coffee adventure began in 2001 - since then the farm has been constantly developing and, as a result, the production and bean quality has been growing. Its direct cooperation with Johan & Nyström roaster started in 2012 and has been bringing sensational effects - 300 bags of beans are bought after each harvest and the farmers are rewarded for the product quality and receive a 30% higher salary than the Fair Trade rate.


Our recipes:


- V60


Dose: 6.5 g of coffee / 100 ml of water

Total time: approx. 3:30 min

Water temperature: 89 degrees Celsius

Grinding: Medium


Recipe for 300 ml of coffee:

1. After wetting the filter and heating all the vessels, pour pre-ground coffee (19.5 g) to the filter.

2. Pour the coffee over with 60 grams of water and wait 30 seconds. Shake the dripper gently.

3. Add water to the level of 130 g.

4. When the timer indicates 1:10 minutes, add another portion of water to the level of 220 g.

5. Add the last portion of water (to the level of 300 g) when the timer shows 2:10 minutes.

6. The process should be completed by approx. 3:30 minutes. It's ready!



- Aeropress (Inverted method):


Dose: 19 g

Time: 2:45 minutes.

Temperature: 89 degrees Celsius

Grinding: coarse (like for Chemex)



1. After heating Aeropress, wetting the filter and any necessary utensils, place your Aeropress properly for the inverted method (plunger down). Pour 19 g of ground coffee into the brewer.

2. Pour coffee over with 50 g of hot water and wait for 30 seconds.

3. Add water to the level of 240 g and stir 5 times.

4. When the timer shows 1:45 min, replace the filter holder and the filter, invert the Aeropress and press the coffee slowly (for approx. 60 seconds) into the vessel. If, after inverting, there is any coffee stuck to the plunger, shake the Aeropress gently.

5. It is ready!

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