Casino Mocca - Gitesi - Washed - Rwanda - Espresso

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Casino Mocca - Gitesi - Washed - Ruanda - Filter

DATA PRAJIRII: 02.03.2020


Greutate: 200g

Ambalat in cutie KRAFT cu ZIP + VALVA.

Note de degustare: plum jam • rosehip • small cranberry 

Father and son, Alexis and Aime Gahizi have been successfully run-ning the Gitesi washing station in the Nyamasheke District of Western Province, Rwanda since 2005. Last year they started producing naturals with beautiful results. This is lot #5, one of the three lots they produced this season.  

East African coffees are known for their excel-lence: just think of Rwanda's neighbour Burun-di or the nearby Kenya and Ethiopia. Three hundred processing stations operate in the country where most coffee farmers work on small, 1 hectare (2,5 acres) plots, growing barely 200 shrubs. As a single shrub yields about 1,7 kilos of cherries: this means that hundreds, if not thousands of farmers have to band together in order to make processing their harvest economically feasible. Rwandan coffee is characterized by a balanced complexity of flavours. The unique combination of sweet, floral and fruity notes is unlike anything else in the world of coffee. 

Gitesi is a privately owned processing station in the Nyamasheke district of Wes-tern Province, Rwanda, led by father and son Alexis and Aime Gahizi since 2005. Alexis originally came from the Karongi region of Rwanda and has already been engaged in coffee as his family cultivated it for generations. Being familiar with the life of smallholders, 

Alexis's relationship with local farmers is very strong and straightforward. Thanks to this strong bond and, last but not least, the potential year-end bonus, some 1800 producers are selling their coffee cherries at Gites. These smallholders are farming at 1700-1900 metres above sea level, typically on a few hectares of land in the Nyamasheke District. The harvest is peaking between May and July, our coffee was also harvested at that time. Once delivered the cherries are immediately sorted and floated, then laid out on the drying tables in a single layer, with no overlapping cherries, to ensure even air circulation. During the drying period, Aime and his team covered the beds with shaded nets when the sunlight was too intense. Plus, while the coffee is on the drying bed, a team hand-sorted every day to remove any defective cherries. Thanks to the rigorous cherry sorting and the attention to details, there is a bright future ahead of Gitesi naturals.

Our coffees taste the best when extracted with water of the proper hardness* range. In order to highlight the best flavour of our roasts we recommend having 5 to 10 days of resting period after roasting, but consume within two weeks of opening. Enjoy! n Cbd I 

* Total hardness: 50-175 ppm CaCO3 (2.9-9.8 'd), alkalinity/buffer: 40-75 ppm CaCO3 (2.2-4.2 'd), pti. 6.5-8.0. (The SCA Water Chart) 

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