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Destoner Typhoon - 6-60kg

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Typhoon Destoner
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Barshaker.Ro ( Four Decor International srl ) este distribuitor unic pentru prajitoarele de cafea Typhoon pentru 3 tari!
Oferim: Suport A-Z ( planning, achizitie, instalare, training, si implementare ) / Ajutor Finantare ( Leasing / Inchiriere / Leaseback / etc. )
Typhoon coffee destoner
Best solution for removal of rubbish from roasted coffee beans
Clean coffee beans without any by-products are essential to meet the new standard in the coffee industry. The purpose of creation of the second generation of Typhoon coffee destoners is to provide our customers with 99.9% cleans coffee beans.
Disponibil in mai multe variante:
1. capacitate 6 kg  - model: "V-6"
2. capacitate 15kg - model "V-15"
3. capacitate 30kg - model "V-30"
4. capacitate 60kg - model "V-60"
Electronic control of fan efficiency for coffee beans of different density
It’s crucial to set the relevant fan efficiency for quality screening of stones of various density. Usually, it’s performed by adjusting of air valves which is not the most effective way.
Typhoon coffee destoners are equipped with electronic system of fan system control. Variable speed drive is installed to adjust fan revs per time thus enabling the user to easily control the air flow speed which lifts coffee beans and destones rubbish to the box.
Easy to use
While planning to manufacture Typhoon coffee destoners we strived to make each detail both being used in the most convenient way and looking esthetic in the appearance.
The hopper of Typhoon coffee destoners has capacity of 15 kg of roasted coffee by default. We have inbuilt a convenient system to adjust coffee beans intake with the ash handle made to move 20 cm and to precisely set the amount and speed of coffee beans intake.
Tech specifications:
Destoner "V-15" 
Dimensions 1122х726х1500
Voltage 380-400 V
Total consumption 1,5 kWt/h
Weight 85kg
Destoner "V-30"
Dimensions 1246х825х1722
Voltage 380-400 V
Total consumption 1,5 kWt/h
Weight 110kg
Typhoon destoner Presentation
Please see the video below in which our roaster master will briefly tell about advantages and possibilities of Typhoon coffee destoners.
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