Quamar M80 Electronic Doserless Espresso Coffee Grinder

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Quamar M80 Electronic Doserless Espresso Coffee Grinder

Garantie 2 ani.

Culoare: NEGRU

Discuri - plate de 63mm  ( hardened steel )

Capacitate palnie - 1200g 

Marime: 160 x 290 x 510 mm

Putere: 420W

Greutate neta - 13,3 kg

Display -  DA

Dose counter - DA

Disponibilitate: IN STOC! Livrare in 24-48H

Produce uniform grounds for your low to medium volume cafe with the Quamar M80E Grinder. Featuring 63mm flat burrs, an effective yet simple stepped grind collar, and the ability to preset three dosing timers, this grinder’s a  powerful companion of busy baristas.
The M80E’s 63mm flat burrs are specifically designed to produce uniform, consistent grounds for espresso and are recommended for up to 3.5 kg/day. The grind setting can be easily changed using the stepped grind collar. While it has a limited number of settings, they are still quite diverse and make dialing in a breeze.
Dosing can happen on-demand with a manual button, but the grinder also enables you to set three dosing timers: single, double, and triple shot. These timers—along with the language, time, date, and burr replacement reminder—can be set using the intuitive touch display.
The grinder’s full-length portafilter holder gives you a free hand for a couple seconds while you grind, allowing you to complete vital tasks that get drinks to customers faster. And the entire device is housed in a durable aluminum housing that comes in a few colours: Matt Black, Polished Aluminum, Metallic Silver, Shiny White, and Shiny Red.
  • 63mm Flat Burrs — Efficient burrs designed specifically for producing uniform, consistent espresso grounds.
  • Stepped Grind Collar — Features dozens of settings that gives you a lot of flexibility over the grind while staying simple and easy to use.
  • Program 3 Doses — Preset single, double, and triple shot timers.
  • Touch Display — Quickly change settings and press the desired shot button to initiate grinding.
  • Portafilter Holder — Holds your portafilter while you grind, giving you a free hand for a moment.
  • 5 Colour Options — Get the grinder that matches your cafe’s style.
Quamar M80 Electronic Doserless Espresso Coffee Grinder
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